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Hey deviantart! One of my new year's resolutions is to start posting my art online more, and also to try and reply to comments and such, something I've always been very bad at haha. So, hopefully you guys will be seeing more of my artwork and more activity from me on here.

Also, I started my own facebook page! HERE I mostly only post my digital paintings here, so if anyone wants to see more of my rough work, check it out! Any support at all would be wonderful :)

Hello hello. Well, my last journal entry was pretty damn depressing, soooo I think a new happier journal entry is in order. First off, I have a job interview tomorrow! Its at Scholastic Book company. My mom used to word there years ago, and I believe I'm going to have the same job she had. Odds are that I'm most likely going to get the job, they aren't very strict when it comes to hiring people and such, so I'm glad I (most likely) won't be a jobless bum anymore soon! I'm hoping to work something like 30 hours a week, I think that would be alright. The pay isn't that bad, its 9 dollars an hour (at least its not minimum wage!) plus they put all damaged books in a box and sometimes your allowed to look through and take home whatever books you want C: I remember when my mom worked there she'd come home with hard cover Harry Potter books that she got for free. I don't want to take advantage or anything, but I'm looking forward to getting some new reading material (been craving to read a good book for a while now..). So hopefully I'll get the job, although I most likely will. My mom said she got the job pretty much instantly once she met the boss. I'll be doing things like packing books in boxes and putting orders together, hopefully it won't be too difficult though ^^; Wish me luck!

And I LOVE MY NEW ICON. Me and my IRL friends finally got around to making an icon family last night, they were all over at my house since yesterday was holiday and they didn't have school. We gamed out on Mario Kart Wii and Mario kart 64 battle. Much fun was had.
So anyways, here's a look at our new icon family :
I love my friends :heart: Although :iconchevre-noire: is never online anymore even though her art totally rocks. Hopefully I'll be able to push her into posting more stuff soon though! You guys should check out her stuff anyways, even if its outdated ;)

Anyways, I've got another painting on the way soon, this time its of :iconavaryn: And I believe another sketch dump is in order. Until then!
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Well... seems my parents are going to split up. Its just weird.. I can't imagine how its going to be living with only one parent at a time. My dad is currently looking for a place to stay, I'm going to stay in my original house with my mom and my two siblings. He's going to help pay for the bills and such, seeing as my mother can't support us with the salary she has. My mom still really cares for my dad, she just.. doesn't love him anymore. My dad says he still loves her, but I don't know if he just likes the set up we have now, he's not the type who's looking for true love anyways. Even though a separation is coming up, everyone seems pretty happy, its not like my parents are fighting or anything. I'm actually kind of lucky. Some parents split up and hate each other, can't stand being in the same room together. My parents seem to be getting along even better than usual actually. Although I think part of that is my dad being extra nice to my mom, trying to change her mind. I actually brought up the subject to my mom a couple of weeks ago. I'd been meaning to bring it up for a while, and I finally did. It just so happens that my dad brought it up a couple of days ago, now we're at where we are. It'll take some getting used to, but I think it might be for the best. Just as long as they still get along with each other, I'm happy. He'll probably be over at the house at least once a day anyways, he just won't sleep here. I never used to see him that much anyways because he works so much.

As for the art scene, things are going really well. I'm liking the paintings I'm working on right now, I feel inspired and I'm very productive. I'll be posting another painting tonight or tomorrow. Tuesday at the latest. Also going to start drawing a Mulan parody comic using my characters, and many of my friends characters. Its not meant to actually be any good, just some pure crack C:

Aaaanywas, just thought I'd update on my life, seeing as my last journal entry was pretty darn pointless. Yup.
Hello thar C: Just thought I should update, seeing as I have been extremely inactive on here the last week.... why? Because I started playing Pokemon again ^^; Its my guilty pleasure, I love it so :heart: I got Pokemon sapphire from my cousin's girlfriend :iconpurplekittysmoon: this summer and I recently picked it up and started paying again. I just recently beat the elite four soooo yeah. Here I am! Although now I started playing Pokemon Diamond again... but I'll try not to get obsessed, plus I'm in an art making kind of mood C:

For those who don't care at all, skip this paragraph since I'm only going to be talking about Pokemon :D :
My main team right now is on my Diamond file, though I got attached to my team on sapphire. My sapphire team is a Blaziken, Wailord, Aggron, Flygon, Mightnyena and a Gardevoir. Kind of sucks that my gardevoir is a male though xD  Wailord's stats aren't as good as I'd hoped... although his Hp is really high at least. My diamond team right now is a Raichu, Haunchcrow, Blaziken (although I might kick him out..), Roserade (Not sure about that one either), Glaceon and a Milotic. I loooove my Milotic, has the prettiest cry evar :heart: Catching the three Regi's in Sapphire was extremely annoying, seeing as they would keep running out of PP before I could catch them, killing themselves by struggling :/ Regice was the worst. Buuuut I caught them all, now I can migrate them to my diamond file so that I can get Regigigass (however the heck you spell that..) I actually saw a wild SHINY Kanghaskan once in my Pokemon FireRed file. Needless to say I wasn't able to catch it, especially since it was in the safari zone. Although in the end I'm reeeeally glad I didn't catch it, because my FireRed game was messed up, every time I played a DS game the file would get deleted :/ Better to not catch it, to catching it only to loose it afterwards xD  I did get a shiny machamp though, while I was training on victory road. Its green C: and that's the end of my pokedork paragraph.

I watched Moulin Rouge with my sister last night, and I got really inspired! I want to make a moulin rouge-esque painting now, I'll see how that goes. Also, I think I'll put my plans for a webcomic on the back burner for now, I didn't realize just how huge my vampire storyline was going to be, its going to take a while before I can work out the storyline completely. so I think I might take some of my Oc's and my friend's Oc's and make a big comic parody. I've done it before, Me and my friends worked out a parody were our characters were all the characters from pirates of the Caribbean, I actually made about six pages before I forgot about it :P I think I might want to make something like that, it would be just pure crack and laughs of course :) Sooo yeah. I'm going to go paint something on photoshop now, I'll try to post something as soon as I can :P
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Well, nothing's changed much since my last journal entry, still don't have a job an such (although honestly... I don't mind it that much C: ) But, seeing as I have allot more free time on my hands, I have discovered some really cool people. Two actually, both women. The first person being Judge Judy. That lady is COOL. She can be a little over the top sometimes, and she often believes things based on her instincts and not hard evidence, but she is one cool lady. She would be the best grandmother ever. The other cool person I discovered is  Limyaael with her fantasy rants. GENIUS. Her rants are so incredibly useful to me, and also extremely entertaining. I just love reading them, so intelligently written.

I'll be getting a paypal account very soon now, hopefully things will start rolling once I get some commissions going. Also, I've been seriously thinking about starting a web comic. I have so much more free time now, it would be a really fun little side project. I also have allot of storyline idea's floating around, it would be fun to actually put one of them to use. The one I'm thinking about starting is about vampires. NO, there will not be a romance between a vampire and a human, no werewolves, no sparkling, NO HIGHSCHOOL. It will NOT be a twilight rip off. Now that I think about it, its more of a sci fi story then fantasy, allot of the story revolving around medical science and such. But anyways, we'll see were that goes :P

I've got some more art on the way, I've been switching from drawing to drawing, so it'll take a little more time but everything is slowly approaching completion. Yuuuuuup. Nothing more to say really, except HOLLY CRAP I CAN'T WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS. That is all.

..I'm in an odd mood today..

:EDIT: Posted a deviation earlier today, decided to take it down to change some things :P Forgot to color certain parts xD I'll put it back up later!
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Yup. It's official. I'm a jobless bum. School started today, meaning I'm here, sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing with my new "adult" life. I never EVER thought I'd say this, but I want to go to schooooooool, I'm going to miss hanging out with my friends hard core like. Why did I have to go and graduate, geez. I always forget that I'm a year older than they are.... although I'm going to be legal a year before they are so HA..... my life is a dark abyss. :iconemoluigiplz:

Anyways, before summer I worked at a gas bar, and I was panning on going back in september. Buuuut I changed my mind. I mean, it was really slack and all, just sitting in a gas bar doing pretty much nothing at times..... but I'm tired of working alone in that little room in the middle of nowhere. It was  actually kind of creepy sometimes, since I was the only one working in the entire building sometimes at night. That's when suspicious people start to look extra suspicious, and paranoia sinks into the paranoia that was already there, making me, like, SUPER paranoid like. Oh yes, its horrifying. (not really at all actually) Although I got used to it pretty fast, this is a really quite town after all. Bottom line is, I'm not going back. I might have a job opportunity at a fancy restaurant that my mom's best friend's family owns (that was an awkward sentence..) Plus I'm going to start teaching violin again so that'll definitely help. I'm going to take a couple of weeks to set a paypal account, get my art organized and what not, not to mention my future commissions journal. Hopefully with those things combined I'll be able to make enough cash to at least pay a part of the course I want to take next year. My family isn't exactly wealthy, so I'm going to try to support myself the most I can.

Also, as a final note, I've been painting and drawing cooooooooonstantly during the lest week, meaning many artz will be had. Improvement here I come :iconkermityayplz:
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Huge paragraph about my vacation :

Well, I'm back! Went on a train in Montreal Wednesday, 17 hours later I was back home in beautiful New-Brunswick. I arrived yesterday around noon, tired as hell. It was kind of hard to sleep on the train you see.  And boy, was Montreal ever fun. I gotta admit though, my first day there I was scarred shitless. Everything was so big and intimidating, there were so many people, I was just completely lost! But after about two weeks of staying in Montreal, gotta say, it was really cool. Didn't take long to get used to the big crowds, actually I found comfort in numbers since we were staying in down town Montreal, lots of bums and such there. So me and :iconchevre-noire: are officially moving there next year, I'm nervous but I'm also looking forward to it! Right now we're looking at a 3 year 3d modeling class from "Le Cegep du vieux Montreal". "Cegep" makes absolutely no sense to me. I grew up in the maritimes and schools in Quebec have a different school system thingy. Apparently its about the equivalent of College.... so I guess I should just say I'm going to college. Less complicated that way... Luckily:iconchevre-noire: 's somewhat step mom knows all about Cegep, so she'll be able to help us out. All I know is that in Quebec, their somewhat highschool ends a year earlier than here, so we might have some courses credited since, well, we did more courses. I'll have to take french classes again (I HATE FRENCH... EVEN THOUGH I'M ACTUALLY FRENCH) but it won't be so bad, at least I won't have math again! Also have some English classes I believe, but thats going to be a piece of cake, I'm quite good in english. (although my spelling and grammar could use allot of work... but I'm good at analyzing stories and such) Plus English classes in Quebec are 10X easier than here (My school is French, but out english classes are just as advanced as English schools.) Quebec is mostly french so yeeeeeeeah, gonna have to work on my accent. Even when speaking french, most people thought I was english because of my accent from the maritimes. The Quebec accent is hard to pic up though, and they talk so fast :P Ah well. I did it once in France, I can do it again in Quebec!

Future commissions :

Aaaaanyways. Enough about that. Now that I've graduated from high school, I find myself with much more spare time. Thus, I will to start taking commissions. Thats easy enough to say, the hard part is going to be getting people to actually commission me. I'm not exactly popular on DeviantArt, nor am I particularly skilled :P I mean I'm not bad, but I've still got a long way to go with my art. I'm going to sketch up a bunch of stuff within the next couple of weeks, hopefully I'll be able to make a commission journal soon to get that started. The hardest part though is actually figuring out how to get the money from my future clients...... I've never actually ordered anything from the internet before.... Paypal sounds decent, although I have no idea how it works. Anyways, I'll look into that later I guess... but if someone could give me some tips on taking commissions, that would be great. Have no idea how much to price my work either.... I have allot of research to do!

Anyways, I've got some art coming up in not too long. Give me a couple of days and I'll be active again, have lots of messages and deviations to comment on too, sooooooo much stuff needs to be done....  at least I don't have back to school to worry about!

Also, as a final note to this very long and boring journal entry, I've realized just how much I love my friends. You guyrs are awesome :heart:
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Yup. Today I'm leaving with :iconchevre-noire: We're going up North for a week then we're off to Montreal! So I believe I won't have access to the internet until I actually get to Montreal, so don't expect to get much activity from me this week. The chances are quite low. But seriously, Montreal is going to be awesome! We're going to go visit the Ubisoft building, after all me and :iconchevre-noire: are probably going to try and get in for the video game design course next year. We're going to do LOTS of other stuff too, too much to say :P

Anyways, its barely 7:00 AM right now, just writing this now since we're leaving at 2:00 PM and I have yet to start packing. Also I can't sleep anyways, had my grad party last night and it was fuuuuuuun. Usually a little alcohol would knock me out, but it just made me restless. My older cousins basically forced beer down my throat, although I find beer tastes like bread for some reason :P  But seriously, my family is awesome, adding in the fact that most of my cousins are around my age (although mostly older) it makes for some good times C: Had some friends there too like :iconavaryn: :icongabiiiiiii: (and her awesome German correspondant) and of course :iconchevre-noire: Had some other friends there too that don't have DA accounts. Needless to say again that it was awesome, but yeah. It was awesome.

Soooooooo yeah. I'll make sure to sketch allot during this week so that maybe I'll be able to post some stuff once I get to Montreal :P
Anyways, till then, see ya people!
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Yup. I'm now 18 years old, practically an adult. Kinda scary actually... adding that with the fact that I actually graduated from high school its kind of a wake up call of sorts... must start saving money for my studies and stuff, that's why I'm going to try and get hopefully at least a couple of people to commission me or something, anything helps! I'm at :iconxheisuix: 's house right now, slept over last night and we drew and stuff and it was fuuuuun. Also played DDR Mario mix lolololololol That game's motto is pretty much "we gotta dance to save the world!" I know. Lolz. My family's gone to Saint-John till supper time so... not much is going on party wise. Not that it matters that much, birthday parties aren't really a big deal at my house anymore. (I'm the youngest of three kids, I think we're kinda over that stage xD) Although I'm having a huge graduation party next weekend so I'll probably get most of my "happy birthday" 's then.

Big news! I'm leaving next week with :iconchevre-noire: and we're going up north around Caraquet (well, somewhere in northern New-Brunswick anyways, not even sure :P) then a week after we're going to Montreal! Its gonna be sweeeeet, haven't been to a really big city in ages! (Been to Toronto but I was like 5 xD) Me and :iconchevre-noire: are planning on probably studying there anyways so it'll be good to get to know the town! (Although she knows it really well, especially since her dad lives there. And yeah, we're staying with him C: ) We'd like to go to Ubisoft Montreal, they have a campus thing going on and what not, looks really awesome! So yeah, obviously I'm going to bring my laptop, I just don't know if I'll have access to the internet... if not well I'll be offline for probably around three weeks! I'm really looking forward to it though!... although still kinda nervous xD

Anyways, that's pretty much all I have to say.... so yeah.
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Yeeeeeeess summer school is finally over! Time to get my artz on >: ) And with that, I am (most likely) an official graduate! No more math, ever! I did pretty darn well at summer school if I do say so myself, got over 80% on all the tests! (even got a 91% once :P) I'm actually going to :iconxheisuix: 's cottage with a bunch of friends in not too long, and there I will burn all my homework over my senior year in the bond fire, oh how I look forward to it :iconimtwitchingplz:

Anyways, like the title says I have left my home sweat home, New-Brunswick, and am currently in Nova Scotia for enjoyment purposes with my loving family.  Some place near port royal... not really sure actually, I'll have to ask my mom later... anyways, if I'm slow to reply over the weekend you guys know why, although luckily the motel has wi-fi, so luckily I'll be able to check up on stuff from time to time.  There's apparently a little amusement park here, you know, roller coasters, ferris wheels, all that stuff. Do you guys have any idea how bad I am with rides? Seriously, I just cant handle it. I'm very easily nauseous you see, even THINKING about being nauseous... makes me nauseous.     

Back to graduation news, well yeah! I graduated! High school is done forever! Although.... all my friends are only graduating in a year still so this year might be a little quiet..... I'm taking to year off for three main reasons. One is so that I can work and save up some money, two is because I'm waiting for :iconchevre-noire: to graduate so that we can go to Montreal together, third and final reason is that I want to improve my art.

Also, I'm thinking about starting commissions online to make some extra money although.... I have no idea how commissions work for payment. I'll definitely  inform myself over the summer.... but if someone who knows allot about commissions and stuff and wouldn't mind shedding a little light on the subject for me, that would be really great!

Anyways, thats pretty much all I have to say for now, I'll update again again in a little while.
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Yeeeeah, sorry I haven't been very active in the last couple of weeks there, I was busy with various things you see. One of those things being summer school (ALMOST OOOOOVER) and the other mostly being Tales of Vesperia. (AWESOME game) I wasn't much of a Tales of fan before since the first tales of I played was Tales of Legendia which just so happens to be one of the worst Tales of games of all. I beat Vesperia just a couple of days ago, so sad ): But it was just my first play through, I'll do all the fun side quests in my second play through for sure. (Such as getting all the alternate costumes)

Anyways, I'll be more active from now on and I actually have some stuff to post! I have a fan art of Vesperia that I'll be posting in not too long... maybe even today. As for replying to messages and commenting on deviations, I'll do my best, but things have reeeeeally piled up over the last couple of weeks.... 178 deviations and 100 messages. (Thats allot for me anyways :P) Too much to reply to them all, I'll just erase the older ones I guess....

And thats really all I have to say. Oh, I went to the theaters an saw Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince, it was very good. I also recently saw the new Transformers movie, I loved it. Ok, now I have nothing to say.

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Well, I said I would post a journal like this, so here goes.

There are so many absolutely amazing artists here on DevianArt that I would sell my own legs to even compare to. Seriously, its almost depressing sometimes. But out of my mediocrity I find inspiration to keep trying my best to reach their levels some day...... And although I know of many great artists on DA, I'm sure I don't know them all. Unfortunately I don't know many artists outside of DA.... I've been a lurker on for quite a while (and I'm planning on becoming a member sometime this summer so that I can post my art in the critique forums and get some feedback) and have checked out the artists there, but I always forget the names.... the user names on DA always seem to stick into my head more for some reason.... anyways, if anyone wants to suggest me to check out any artists or what not, I'm all for it!

Anyways, onto the actual subject of this journal.....

These are my favorite artists on DA up to now. I probably forgot a bunch.... I'll just add them when I remember.

:iconchaotic-muffin: :icongenzoman: :iconsandfreak: :iconkaze-hime: :iconchristmassocks: :iconendling: :iconjanaschi: :iconadamhughes: :iconomen2501: :iconnjoo: :iconminnasundberg: :iconjenzee: :iconanry: :iconcellar-fcp: :iconmarcbrunet: :iconxa-xa-xa: :iconethe: :iconmichellehoefener: :iconfabio-barboni: :iconshillin: :iconlorlandchain: :iconcryslara: :iconukitakumuki:  :iconbarontieri: :icondanhowardart: :iconmuhoho-seijin:

My personnal favorites.

:iconcharlie-bowater: :iconloish: :iconartgerm: :iconlizzy-john: :icondahlig: :iconasuka111: :iconquestionstar:

So if you guys wouldn't mind taking a little bit of your time, I would love to know who your favorite DA artists are! (Artists outside of DA are OK too of course!)
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Well, summer is finally here. which is awesome. Yeah. Too bad I have to go to summer school.... which sucks hard core D: I went last year for math grade 10, and now I'm going back for math grade 11. Anyone noticing a pattern here? I failed grade 9 math too. Needless to say I'm a DUMB ASS. I never skip classes (well, if I do I ask my mom) and its not like I'm genuinely stupid, its just that I don't listen and I draw in class. I'm just stupid for not caring I guess! I was technically supposed to graduate this summer....... but DAMN YOU BIOLOGY CLASS! Now I probably have to go to school for another semester... actually, I don't really mind. Especially since all of my friends are going to be seniors next year anyways! I always forget that I'm a year older then all of my friends. But I don't mind C:

I've been gaming out pretty much all weekend. Its awesome! I got all 242 stars in Super Mario Galaxy the other day, I'm so sad I finished the game. It was an extremely easy game, but sooooooo much fun! I played animal crossing city folk too, I love walking around wearing the Midna helmet, COOLEST ANIMAL CROSSING HAT EVER. I have Link's cap too, its got the hair the pointy ears and everything! So cute :heart: I started playing the new UFC game too, I made a cool looking African American dude named Marcus Vice. I luuuuuv him so much. Seeeeexy. And last but not least I started playing Fallout 3 again and killed a bunch of ghouls and almost got pulverized by a Super mutant Behemoth C: I just spammed him with grenades and mines while at the same time avoiding getting further crippled by mini nukes. What wholesome fun :heart:

Anyways, I'm going to try pull myself away from my video games and catch up on all the messages that piled up over the past weeks due to my inactivity. I've also got about five different things going on in photoshop right now, they are all slowly nearing completion C: So I'll post those when I can......

Oh! And I'm planning on making a journal entry showcasing all of my favorite artists on DA! I would also love to see who everyone else's favorite artists are, it'll be good way to find some new art to drool over! Anyways, thats pretty much all I have to say for now..... I'll try to post something soon :heart:
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Yup. I`m busy. Wont be very active online for a little while, need to finish some stuff for school! We have not even two weeks left (GRADUATION HERE I COME!) and so I`m trying my best to catch up in my classes! Also, I have to make an animation for my online art class so its taking up allot of my time aswell (I`m making a sci fi action scene, its going to take allot of work!) honestly I`m not a very good animator, but its really fun xD

Anyways, thats all for now, got to go!
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Tagged by :iconillegal-apple:

Im just going to say random things about myself that some of you awesome people might not know. Heres goes nothing!

1) I have double jointed fingers. No really, its kinda gross! I cant even point straight, I always seem to be pointing at the ceiling or something. Also my fingers are very short and stumpy, my nails are square, I just have ugly hands in general xD To compensate I wear rings. Allot of rings (but only silver ones).

2) I have very long hair, I'm blond and have bleu eyes. My hair is usually tied up in a messy braid or pulled up into a tight ponytail. Although ponytails give me headaches since they weigh so much.....   

3) I suck at school. I failed biology class once and math THREE TIMES. Its not that I'm stupid... I just don't try. I'm usually that girl sitting in the back of the classroom (or next to a window) who's totally anti social drawing all the time. I guess I'm stupid for not trying xDD

4) I have five cats and a dog. My cats are Tigger (he loves to climb up on my back and massage my shoulders o.O), Simba (he's such a whiner, like a little girl sometimes. Oh, and we call him Baba), Sassy (super antisocial cat of all time ), Kassy (fat mother to most of my other cats, very sweet, she's a squeaker) and Caramel (the elder cat, also the biggest scaredy cat in my house.) And my dog is Zoey, former neighbor hood horny dog. (She lost her uterus last month. She's like a completely different dog.)

5) I've been playing the violin for ten years now. I play folk fiddle I guess, although I took classical for a couple of years. I also play piano (although I'm self taught, my technique is inexistent) and I actually took bass lessons for a couple of years too... and my mom taught me to play the guitar. I cant pick by any means, I just know the more basic chords C: Also took singing lessons for a couple of years. Until the beginning of high school  I actually wanted to be a musician! I changed my mind in ninth grade I believe, decided I would become a "manga-ka" which eventually turned into concept artiste which opened up to a bunch of possibilities in my head... my mom still wants me to be a musician though xD

6) I suck at sports. You name it, I'm bad at it. I always feel bad for the people on my team.

7) I'm french, my spelling sucks, my grammar sucks, I live in a little town in New-Brunswick Canada and I love poutine rapees. A poutine rappe consists of a boiled grey potato ball with usually pork in the middle. Usually eaten with white or brown sugar. Yum yum C:

And thats all my mind can poop out, hope you didn't mind me spamming your journal inboxes with my mindless blabbering about my cats and poutine rappes. I'm tired, its late, I have school tomorrow and I have yet to take my shower.

I really don't feel like tagging people so SCREW THE RULES.

BYE. ~<3
Hello deviantart people, Nezma here just to say that well..... I`m not dead. I`ve actually been really busy with school and work as of late, but I have been photoshoping quite a bit aswell. As some of you may have heard I have this art book projet going on right now and well, its keeping me busy! I have to finish the whole thing for thrusday.... so you guys can expect to see the art work from it in the next couple of days. I already posted one of them, the others are almost done, just have to add some finishing touches. That, and I have to figure out a way to print them and put them in the book I made.... and yeah, I bade my book out of construction paper and thick card, IT LOOKS SO TACKY XDD I cant believe I used construction paper, what was I thinking! It kinda looks like soemthing someone would of made in 5th grade arts and crafts xDDD I deffiently have to figure out something to make it look less tacky, seriously, its embarassing -_-;

Over the summer I reeeeeally want to improve my digital painting. Seriously, I look at the pros and I just dont match up (not that I ever expected to mind you) its just a little frustrating sometimes.... but I have to keep my head high! I`ll get there eventually, after alot of sweat and tears, I should make a list of things to improve on. Wow. Now that would be a long list xDDD

Anyways, thats pretty much all I have to say for now (plus I`m my online art class right now and the bells going to ring soon so yeah xDD)I`ll try to comment more on deviations, they seem to be piling up more and more by the day!

Another update on my to do list :

:iconskittlelush: OC Marit FINISHED…
:iconfallenangel2016: OC Nephy (sketched 100%)
:iconelafros: Characters not yet decided
:icondinkelion: Characters not yet decided
:iconchevre-noire: OC Akila (sketched 100%)
:icongabiiiiiii: need to finish my ref sheet ^^;
:iconxheisuix: OC Azure (sketched 100%)
:iconvigilanteflower: Characters not yet decided
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(I'm just updating to let you guys know that I'm not dead ok :D )

Guys. I can wait till summer. No really, I think I'm going to go crazy. Yesterday was like a little summer preview, the weather was GORGEOUS. Me and :iconchevre-noire: walked to meet each other (our houses are pretty close) and we went to a pre-school park. Then we walked on the trail in the marsh, its sooooooo pretty! There wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was warm and my pool is now officially totally melted! (But its full of crap and leaves..... so no swimming anytime soon!)
But before summer gets here I have to finish school. GAH. I'm failing hard core, its not even funny ;-; It doesn't help that I have to go to summer school for four weeks (its soooo expensive!) but overall its not so bad. I went last year and it brought my grades way up, which is good C: But back to my grades issue, I'm suppost to be graduating this year, I don't know if thats going to happen or not >.> I just have to pass Biology class and I should be fine...... I already failed that class before so hopefully they'll go a little easier on me since they know I'm stupid : D The worst part is that when I fail tests, I'm not even sad about it. I just laugh and say "I'll just do better next time!" Yeah right.

I'm giving my two weeks notice at my job this week, I cant waaaaait to be jobless =w= Not that was that bad or anuthing, I'm probably going to go back after summer, but right now I'm just tired of working and I want to focus more on school C: (Although I'm not blaming my poor grades on work, thats totally my faul U-U)

Anyways, I've got allooooooot of drawing on the way, my online art class at school is forcing me to get my butt in gear and create stuff xDD Right now we have a project where we have to make an art book with at least four full drawings in it and they have to be hybrids. So basically I can just draw half human half animal people C: (Although its not limited to just that, I could do a half horse half lamp if I wanted to) As long as there's some kind of meaning behind what your drawing, its all good.

Heres an updated version of my to do list.

:iconskittlelush: OC Marit FINISHED…
:iconfallenangel2016: OC Nephy (sketched 100%)
:iconelafros: Characters not yet decided
:icondinkelion: Characters not yet decided
:iconchevre-noire: Characters half decided xDD
:icongabiiiiiii: need to finish my ref sheet ^^;
:iconxheisuix: OC Azure (sketched 100%)
:iconvigilanteflower: Characters not yet decided
Last friday, when my mom picked me up from work, she informed me that a deer had decided to die infront of my window. Random, non? (My house is two stories, the bottom half is half underground, my room is downstairs so the deer was visible in my window ;__; ) I`m sure its pretty obvious that it made me quite uncomfortable.

Anyways, I`m at school right now, I`m suppost to be working on an art exam thing (have to critisize a painting with a text of 400 words minimum -__- ) but seeing as I`m on a computer at school..... with internet..... I couldn`t help but log on to DA. I am working on it, I`m just taking my time, looking through my notes and such while typing C:

So yeah, I just wanted to update and what not. Also to make a to do list for myself, keep track of art trades and such x3

Had a sleep over saturday! Attendees were :icongabiiiiiii: :iconchevre-noire: :iconxheisuix: :iconvampyressx: :iconuguisu-san: and it was sooooooo much fun! We played mario kart wii, watched some videos on youtube, played some mario party DS, camera whored on my Mac`s webcam with all the funny settings, wore wigs and pigged out on junk food, pop rocks and energy drinks C: Although I had to endure a severe ear infection the whole time D: I`m on meds right now, they`re making me feel a little sick... but my ear is feeling waaaay better!

I`m so happy, its going to be such a short week ;u; Theres no school thursday and friday, wendsdays finish an hour early and I`m leaving school at lunch today C: Why? Because of ear pains, sick feelingness and in my `vie active`class (wich is basically gym class, but we go work out at the gym close to the school) we`re probably going to somewhat wrestle today O_O So I was all `PLEASE mom, dont make me wrestle with the other kids!`Adding in the fact that most of the other people in my class are guys, very competitive and crazy at sports I`m really happy my dad said yes to come pick me up at 12:30 C: I love being spoiled sometimes :heart:

So here are some art trades I have on the go right now, although some of them have not been decided, wich characters and such. I cant waaaait to start painting them on photoshop, seriously, I haven`t had the time to go on photoshop in sooooo looooooong D:

:iconskittlelush: OC Marit (painted 80%)
:iconfallenangel2016: OC Nephy (sketched 100%)
:iconelafros: Characters not yet decided
:icondinkelion: Characters not yet decided
:iconchevre-noire: Characters half decided xDD
:icongabiiiiiii: need to finish my ref sheet ^^;
:iconxheisuix: must give her my ref sheet / OC Azure (sketched 97%)

Anyways, now I reeeally have to go, the bells about to right so BYE PEOPLE.
Got tagged by :iconuguisu-san: so here goooooooooooes nothing :'D

1. Three Names You Go By
-Natashit (my sister loved me as a child)

2. Three Screen Names:
-Natwind (don't ask)

3. Three Things You've Done Tonight:
-Ran around my house making swishy noises with my uber awesome mushroom slippers
-Called my old buddy Vero and talked about boys, gossip, politics and our poor economy

4. Three Things You Like About Yourself:
-Length of hair
-Double jointed fingers

5. Three Things You Dislike About Yourself:
-Stumpy fingers
-Stumpy legs

6. Three Things You're Afraid Of:
-Some kind of apocalypse
-Out brake of a very contagious and deadly disease that we don't have a cure for
-Transformers fanfiction. *shutters*

7. Three of Your Everyday Essentials:
-My rings. Feel naked without them >__>
-Paper and mechanical pencil
-:iconchevre-noire: C:

8. Three Important Objects:
-My big green army looking bag ~<3
-:iconchevre-noire: C:<

9. Three Favorite Bands:

10. Three Ways To Be Happy:
-Gaming out
-Going on photoshop
-Making some kind of brake through in a story line

11. Three of Your Favorite Songs:
-Toxic (dont judge me)
-Hide and seek
-Go the distance (Disney music FTW)

12. Three New Things You Want to Try in 2009:
-Turn nocturnal for a week

13. Three Things You Regret:
-Quitting piano when I was seven
-Not listening in class. Ever.
-Picking bulbasaur as my starter pokemon

14. Two Truths and A Lie (In that order)
-I have five cats
-I love Darth Vador
-Bella is so NOT a Mary Sue, like, gosh

15. Three Physical Things You Like in the Opposite Sex:
-PRETTY SMILE/TEETH. If you are male and have a straight, sparkling white smile, I will be yours forever C:
-Smell. No really, I sniff people.
-Good hygiene. Greasy hair=major turn off.

16. Three Things You Can't Do:
-Sports. My face is a ball magnet. (Eh, thats sounds a tad dirty....)
-Touch my elbow with my tongue

17. Three Things You Miss From Your Past:
-The time before boobs, braws and periods
-Back in kindergarden when I could do the split
-Back when pokemon was cool

18. Three Gifts You'd Like To Receive:
-Any kind of video game
-Some good light H pencils
-New micron inking pens

19. Three of Your Favorite Hobbies:
-Drawing (No, really?)
-Video games
-Playing instruments

20. Three Places You Want to Go for Vacation:
-Easter Island

21. Three Cartoon Characters <Non Anime>:
-Charlie Brown
-Miss Frizzle (magic school bus rules)

22. Three Boy Names:
-Brad Pitt
-Anakin Skywalker

And yes. Those names do count.

23. Three Girl Names:

24. Three Favorite Foods
-Grandma's boiled dinner

25. Three Favorite Restaurants
-Deluxe fish and chip (the greasyness, cant resiiiiiiist)
-Chinese food joint
-Fancy shmancy restaurants :B

Its too late at night to think of people to tag so yeeeeeeeah, I tag WHOEVER FEELS LIKE DOING IT.
How sad. Animaritimes is over and will not be back for TWO YEARS. Except for the little mini con thing, although I don't really get how that thing works yet.......

Anyways, the con was AWSOME this year. My first year in the artist alley went very well, I made a bunch of commissions and some awesome friends, which reminds me, I should look through all the DA accounts and business cards I got and add everyone c: I'll probably do that tonight... anyways, I'm totally pumped about my art. Now that the con is over I can concentrate on improving my art in every way possible. I'm planning on making my own little art challenge or something of the sort.... with challenges like "draw something with an angle from above", "draw a city", "make a drawing with a car in the background", "color a night scene", stuff like that. I was trying to see if i could find one online but I haven't had any luck with that...... I would also like to try my hand at 3D modeling :P although I have no idea what program to get xDD I heard something "Maya" wasn't bad....... I'll definitely have to do some research! God I have so much I want to improve on. Its what keeps me going :P

I'm also thinking about maybe starting a couple of art trades.... I already have some in the works, just need to send some character refs and such, but I'd like to start new ones. If anyones interested note me or something alright?